I WANT contact

Almost every appliance that we use on a daily basis has a plug attached to it and almost every space in which we live has a plughole. Yet we all seem to do our utmost to conceal wall sockets: they are often placed inconveniently, they should never be noticeable and if at all possible they should be invisible.

So why do we not put plugholes in the most logical places? Why do we do everything we can to hide them? And why are they not simply part of our interior design? Neffa generally looks at things slightly differently, and under the title I WANT contact has developed a number of solutions to properly display wall sockets.

With I WANT contact (from the Dutch wandcontact, meaning ‘wall socket’) Neffa hopes to demonstrate that plugholes are simple to incorporate into their surroundings. For example, plugholes can easily be integrated into your wall’s design, combined with the pattern of your curtains or accentuated using a handsome frame. In the last example, the plugholes are covered with fabric and placed in a frame to turn them into something extraordinary and striking.

The basic assumption in all solutions is that the wall socket itself does not change. No new shapes, no special modifications, no unusual designs: it is about integrating the existing wall socket into the interior design in its original shape. If you are interested in the plughole stickers, please contact us.