VARA Groen Licht 13-02-17

Usually you want to get rid of fungi as quickly as possible. But that will change; fungi is according to scientists the material of the future. Milouska will find out all the details for Dutch TV programme “Groen Licht”.

Universiteit Utrecht examines how fungi can be used in many ways. This involves mycelium, hyphae that grow under the ground where a mushroom grows. This material can easily be cultivated and is fully biodegradable. If you can use this as a material, it is very sustainable. With this knowledge others can develop products with it. Textile designer Aniela Hoitink makes for example clothing of mycelium. She showed a complete garment during Dutch Design Week end of 2016. Clothing of fungi, do we want to wear that? Hoitink: “We now wear clothes made of oil and people are not aware of. I think that we will start to wear this in the future.“ Clothes of mycelium leave no waste. And, with a piece of it on the right spot, the garment is easy to repair.