Tarp developments

Following projects I CAN stand the rain and the Letterbag we have developed more prototypes. Most of them are made of bysonyl. This is a PVC that is often used for trucks. It is recyclable, flame retardant and colourfast and resistant to -25 ° C to +70 ° C.

tarp bag developments

In this “patchwork light” extra details will get visible when turning the lights on. The basic colour is off-white, the patchwork part is blue with off-white, the detailling on the inside is black. The same principle is used for the painting which has a border of patchwork.

tarp patchwork light
tarp painting with led lighting

In times of crisis we go back to our base. Therefore an old-fashioned game in a new outfit. Neffa wonders: why are there few games who are resilient? And why do we have to be carefull with beverages just because paper or cartboard will get wet? The solution: a checkerboard made of tarp. The board has tent pegs for adjustment to the ground, so it won’t blow away. Easy use at for example campingsites or in the park. Next to that, the it can be rolled. Take away and play!

tarp checkerboard