Solar fiber

Somehow sustainable is still connected with green, boring design. Why can’t solar energy be sustainable, flexible ànd pretty?
The idea behind Solar Fiber is a flexible photovoltaic fiber that converts sunlight energy into electrical energy. We aim to develop this as a yarn that can be worked into all sorts of fabrics. This “smart material” will be able to be used in all sorts of applications where textiles are currently used, but with the added advantage of being able to produce an electrical current.

Solar Fiber is a group of four enthusiastic designers and engineers, who met during a brainstorm session from Ideas Waiting to Happen:
Ralf Jacobs – technologist and systems engineer working in the high-tech industry.
Marina Toeters – textile technologist and designer specializing in producing and developing yarns and fashion technology applications.
Meg Grant – maker and designer of wearable electronics and smart textile devices.
Aniela Hoitink– concept designer, translate technology into surprising, tangible results in textile.

Here you can read about the journey we take to turn it into reality.

Currently on display at the Science Center Nemo in Amsterdam.
Presented during Picnic, Pretty Smart Textiles, Accenture Award, TedX Award, Innovation Days, Dutch Design Week and more.

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