Sleeping beauty

In a general drive to increase the speed and lower the costs of production, more and more products are manufactured by machine while true crafts are under increasing pressure. As a way of remembering the art and skill of old crafts, Neffa introduces Sleeping Beauty to draw attention to the original pancake tutu, and in particular the way in which it is manufactured. Sleeping Beauty is Neffa’s tribute to tutus and is named for the ballet based on the eponymous fairytale.

Making tutus is an old craft that is gradually disappearing. In the whole of Europe, only one craftsman remains who has mastered the skill. As such, it is high time for a small tribute. With tutus, the focus is often on the outside and the decorations, yet Neffa is interested in the underside: how the tutu is made and how it remains stiff while giving the dancers enough freedom to dance. This complex construction is why making tutus is such a difficult and labour-intensive process.

Sleeping Beauty consists of 9 big handmade tutu lamps that offer a view of the attractive underside of the tutus. Eight lamps represent the dancers, while the 9th lamp represents Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty. Aurora is decorated with leaves inspired by the Sleeping Beauty’s hedge of roses. Tutus are made up of several layers of tulle netting. Naturally, this same structure has been used for the lamps in Sleeping Beauty, creating an attractive light. The underside, which is generally invisible during ballet performances, truly comes into its own in this project. When the lights are on, the diffuse colours vary from virginal white to royal purple.

Sleeping Beauty is produced in a limited edition. Each lamp has an avarage of 80 cm width. If you are interested in buying a light or manufacturing this concept, please contact us.

Warsteiner Bloomaward 2011 top 100 Ontwerp op de weg 2011 Open atelier route Amsterdam Noord 2012 Open atelier route Abcoude 2012