MycoTEX first wearable prototypes

We live in a world of Fast Fashion and Disposable clothing and most people think that is a disaster. They are working on recycling and circular fashion. So they are trying to change the behaviour of 7 billion people, which is a very difficult task. NEFFA thinks Fast Fashion and Disposable clothing represents an incredible opportunity. We have an entire generation of people who now expect to own a garment for a year, maybe two, before disposing it and buying something new. With the right type of materials they can be custom-designed to meet that life cycle. We have the potential to serve that market and to do so in a sustainable way. We need solutions that respond to the reality that we live in. And our solution is MycoTEX.

MycoTEX is a 100% biodegradable material based on mycelium, the root of mushrooms.

We have developed a technology and technique to create a sustainable fabric. We made a proof-of-concept with the material and the 3D modelling process and developed a catwalk ready prototype for the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week. With this we generated a lot of buzz and excitement all over the world, not only in the science and fashion industry, but also amongst consumers.

One of the reasons is that MycoTEX is sustainably grown in a lab, so we don’t need expensive farmland or its seasonal influences. We use less water and no chemicals or pesticides. MycoTEX offers a shorter supply chain, is limiting transport and allowing for an entirely new way of designing garments. And after wearing you can simply burry your garment in the ground and it will decompose.

Our team is made of leading researchers of the University of Utrecht and Aniela Hoitink | NEFFA. Aniela has an extensive background in fashion industry and fashion innovation. And with this combination MycoTEX is the only company that combines cutting edge science with fashion sensibility.

We created the first wearable garment based on mycelium.

This project is currently part of the WEARsustain project and has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 732098. MycoTEX has been part of the first batch of the accelerator program Plug and Play – Fashion for good for disrupting the fashion industry.

Read more about the start of MycoTEX here.



Universiteit Utrecht afdeling Microbiology