Living wall

In an age when air conditioning and climate control make the conditions in most places identical, it is easy to forget about the existence of different seasons. Neffa has designed its Living Wall to bring the feeling and qualities of the seasons indoors. The heat emitted by the heating causes the leaf pattern to change.

In most interiors, the impact of the seasons and the differences between them are lost. Neffa feels that this is a missed opportunity. Neffa developed its Living Wall to nevertheless bring a little of the outdoors inside. Inspiration is taken from the old hangings from a period where people also wanted to bring nature inside.

The Living Wall features a leaf pattern that changes in reaction to the heating when turned on. The pattern comes alive and automatically brings a sense of autumn indoors. The leaves change colour and create a completely different atmosphere. When the heating is turned off and cools down, the original print reappears. The prints are made using a special thermo-chrome ink that reacts to heat.

Living Wall is an interior concept, and as such is not yet available in shops. If you are interested in buying a wallcovering (size 2,60 x 1,45 meter) or manufacturing this concept, please contact us.