Listeria towel

It is a commonly known fact that tea towels quickly collect bacteria and need to be washed regularly. Most household tips tell you to let your tea towels dry properly after use and to replace them with clean ones frequently. But how can you SEE whether your tea towel is completely dry? Neffa’s Listeria Towel makes this very simple: it shows a bacteria print when it is damp, and when the bacteria disappear the towel is dry and ready to be used again.

How can you tell when you have used a tea towel too often? Why do tea towels not have a dirt indicator to warn you when they need to be washed? Neffa presents a light-hearted compromise, the Listeria Towel. When the towel becomes damp, the pattern changes and bacteria become distinct on the material, only to disappear again when it dries. The changing print also makes drying dishes more fun. This way Neffa wants to create more awareness to regularly replace your tea towel with a clean one.

The design for the print was inspired by water plants. The underlying print, which is only visible when the tea towel is damp, is based on listeria bacteria. The complete print was transformed into a 100% cotton tea towel by the textile museum, where the material was also woven. The underlying print was then covered using a hydro-chrome paint, making it invisible when dry.

Listeria Towel is a textile concept, and as such is not yet available in shops. If you are interested in manufacturing this concept, please contact us.

Textiellab 2010