the Letterbag

In this age of mass production, there is a growing demand for ‘personalised items’. People want to be part of a group, yet at the same time they wish to retain their own unique personality. Without standing out too much, they nevertheless want to be different. With extraordinary items, but most of all with ordinary everyday objects. People want what others have, only just thàt bit different.

Project Letterbag is Neffa’s answer to this desire. The artistic Letterbag, a personalised concept for an everyday object, allows everyone to have the same bag, but with their own personal touch! The characteristic features of this bag (choice of material and colour or glow-in-the-dark) make it immediately recognisable. But because every bag has a different print, they are still all just that bit different.

Each bag is unique and with a hand-printed pattern. The special ink sticks to the material, and some of it wears away when the bag is used. This gives the bag a vintage look, and makes it come to life even more. The Letterbags are made from PVC, and are designed to fit snugly around the owner’s body. Other important advantages include the useful measurements (large enough to hold A4-size folders, for example) and the waterproof material. If you are interested in buying a bag, please contact us.

The Letterbag was launched in fashionshow “On the Brink” during Amsterdam Fashionweek (juli 2006) and ended in complete darkness, as the glow-in-the-dark bags were revealed.