Ivy Xposed

In a standard interior, most objects only serve one function. Although this makes matters clear and simple, it is not very original or surprising. Neffa proves that things can also be done differently, with a unique combination of light and plant. Ivy Xposed is both a lamp and a plant. By training the ivy through the lamp in the way that you want you decide for yourself which function you wish to be more prominent.

Why do many products only serve a single function? Why do not more people seek out creative combinations in their interiors? These questions served as an incentive for Neffa to look for unexpected and surprising combinations. One of the newest concepts is Ivy Xposed; a combination of light and plant.

The lamp features cut-away artwork that was inspired by raindrops and that is perfect for training the ivy. By deciding for yourself how far you let the ivy grow out, you emphasise either the lamp or the plant. The hood’s interior symbolises the sun and provides an unexpectedly colourful highlight. The light shining through the ivy creates a surprising incidence, which changes all the time. Because the material used is flexible, using a watering can to water the plant does not present any difficulties. In addition, the material is also flame-retardant and colour-fast, and can be recycled. The LED lamps are environmentally friendly and long-lasting, and have a low energy consumption.

Ivy Xposed is an interior concept, and as such is not yet available in shops. If you are interested in manufacturing this concept, please contact us.

DDW DER - de etalage route 2010

exhibition at Sioen Industries showroom 2014