Dutch Summer – outdoor textile applications

Dutch Summer presented itself in 2009 as a brand that would provide a platform in collaboration with young designers for the development of products that prolong the summer outdoor feel. Original but commercial design for outdoor mass production. Fresh, innovative, young and with humor, but above all REALLY Dutch: useful design. Dutch Summer; because we have so little, we enjoy it that much.

Dutch Summer was looking for outdoor textile applications. They were looking for prints as well. A lot of brands were looking back at their heritage. Being new to the market, Dutch Summer was not having any heritage or DNA. That is why Neffa developed these prints inspired by DNA. By mixing and matching you can put your own set together.

Neffa also likes to think about more than only the textile design itself. What happens during wintertime, when the pillows, etc. are not being used. How do you store them? They somehow always lie in the path. So we thought about a hanging system as well. To ensure that your picnic blanket is not blowing away, there are holes with big eyelets at the corner. This is for stabbing tent pins to keep the blanket in place.

Dutch Summer