Crystal fabric

Can I grow crystals on textiles, and how will such a crystal fabric look?

Test 1
Stones with vinegar in a large container.
The way it is growing, it produces a kind of crystal drawing at the bottom. The container is probably too big so I see a kind of faded crystals.


Test 2
Stones with vinegar in a small PET bottle.
This produces crystals on the stones. Thus, a smaller container gives a better result.


Test 3
Stones with vinegar in a cup with textiles.
After growing for a while I see that the fabric changes color at the bottom, it has become brownish. When moving the stones you see that the fabric underneath is white. The vinegar is also gone, which I find strange. Could it have been evaporated? I poor a new layer of vinegar in the cup and want to put it in a different place. By moving the cup, things fall off and I discover that the edge of the fabric has tiny crystals. After half an hour, I also see why the vinegar is gone. The vinegar from the cup is seeping through the fabric and ends up on the bottom.


Test 4
Can I get more crystals by adding extra vinegar in the cup?
The textile indeed is getting more crystals if I add vinegar, but first some crystals are dissolving because they get wet or just fall off. Then I hang a piece of tulle over it. This produces the result that the crystals can grow through it.

Chrystal fabric test 4 - detail
Chrystal fabric test 4 - in tule fabric

Chrystal fabric test 4 - collar