Crystal cave

Crystal Cave is Neffa’s answer to the turmoil of everyday existence. People lead busy and hectic lives, they regularly demand too much of themselves and often they do not take the time to rest and recover properly. Crystal Cave offers a space where you can recharge your inner strength and where you can relax in a setting that is perfect for you.

Crystal Cave plays with light and colour. The settings of the LED technology can be adjusted, making it simple to create completely different moods. One moment you believe yourself to be in an ice cave, the next you can almost feel the heat radiating from a crackling fireplace. Crystal Cave’s special character is created largely by the unique smocking, which gives this ‘cave’ a soft attractive appearance. The smocking also absorbs sounds, which adds to the peace and quiet.

Smocking is a technique that involves gathering and stitching fabric. Its somewhat stuffy image means that it is not used much nowadays, but Neffa hopes to dispel that notion with Crystal Cave. As with other projects, Neffa has again looked for new uses for existing techniques. Crystal Cave is the result of a partnership with ArLEDto. ArLEDto seeks to create an open source standard for using and programming LEDs in non-technical environments.

To create Crystal Cave, 40 metres of fabric has been stitched into smocking and reduced to 5 x 4 metres, forming the basis of the cave. The effects created when light is projected through the fabric that has been folded using this unusual method are beautiful. The bright LEDs have a much softer appearance. Another advantage of LEDs is that they do not heat up and so can be placed close to the fabric.

The space has very deliberately been designed to resemble a cave. In a cave you are left to your own devices and that makes you more aware of yourself. It is a place to take your time and to rest. The light in Crystal Cave can be adjusted to suit your mood, and this stimulates your awareness. Whether you want to get away from everything and read a book, listen to your favourite music or simply think about whatever is on your mind: Crystal Cave allows you to create the ideal setting.