I CAN stand the rain

As soon as spring arrives and the sun starts shining, the Dutch are in their gardens working hard to brighten them up again. Gardens are tidied up, chairs are taken out of sheds and accessories are used to make everything cheerful. Until it starts raining; then everyone runs straight back out to get everything inside. What is left is a wet, desolate place.

Why are so few accessories rainproof? Why do gardens never look as appealing in bad weather as they do in nice weather? And why does nobody seem to think that that is strange? Inspired by these questions Neffa has developed a series of products that people need not worry about leaving outside, called I CAN stand the rain.

The new range of weatherproof products consists of cushions, a table runner and a garden partition. The design was inspired by drops of rain running down a windowpane. The attractive cushions feature this rain print and are stuffed with special beads that do not absorb water. The matching table runner with a cut pattern at its ends has the same design. The raindrops are also cut into the garden partition. These openings are ideal for ivy, but also give a cheerful effect if lights are placed behind the partition. All products are manufactured using flame-retardant and colourfast materials, which are resistant to temperatures ranging from -25°C to +70°C and can also be recycled.

I CAN stand the rain is an interior concept, and as such is not yet available in shops. If you are interested in manufacturing this concept, please contact us.

Currently on display at:
exhibition at Sioen Industries showroom 2014