Body topography

With Dynamic Skin I want to immerse myself in creating an organic, softer look with the integration of technology into textiles. In the past the capabilities of the technology itself was the starting point for my designs. In addition, I also kept my textile technological developments separate of the textile (micro) biological developments. Now it’s time to integrate both and pay more attention to the autonomous design itself instead of starting with the existing shapes. With the introduction of new printing technologies such as printable solar cells, new forms are possible.

By examining the body topography and our microbiome and subsequently inspired a series of prints, textures and shapes of clothes, I want to develop a new form language for the use of technology. Additionally, I find new approaches for the use of textile technology. At this time one focuses on monitoring in the sports and health sector, however I’m more interested in what it can do for us in everyday life.

The goal for this project is a result of the above research to develop a “Dynamic skin”. This dynamic skin will absorb solar energy and use it at the time the user needs it. An organism is defined as a living being with its own metabolism. By capturing the solar energy and then using this energy, I create it’s own metabolism. As a result, the textile skin will come to function more as a 2nd skin. This will also be reflected in the chosen dress form. And by visually integrating these technologies a logical and natural design must arise where I my vision to the use of these technologies will be reflected.

I have developed a book (limited edition of 10 pieces) showing my research and the importance of working with technology and textile at the same time in order to get a more integrated appearance. Here are a view pages with research of this book.

Bacterial dress Neffa

Bacterial dress research

Muscle leotard Neffa

Muscle leotard research

Nerves suit Neffa

Nerves suit research

Bones dress Neffa

Bones dress research

Blood circulation cape

Blood circulation cape research

Circulation dress Neffa

Circulation dress research

Heartbeat dress Neffa

Heartbeat dress research

Solar cape Neffa

Solar cape research

Made possible with funding from the  SCI_Woordbeeld_NL_2_regels_RGB