Avoid moisture in your house … with mold!

Last week Kristel Peters explained at AmsterdamFM why she is trying to make a shoe with mycelium as part of the Mediamatic Myco Design Lab. Although mycelium is part of mold – it is as it were the roots of mold – and we associate fungi with too much moisture, mycelium has also moist absorbing properties. So good for shoes, but also in humid areas in homes. In addition, explains Aniela Hoitink of Neffa this week in AmsterdamLight mycelium has also soundproofing properties

Reason enough for research applications at home, where Aniela is trying to integrate mycelium into textiles. Want to know how this works, then listen to the interview! On September 18th 2014, you can learn more about Aniela’s research at the Bio-Me festival!

[interview in Dutch]