Support MycoTEX in realising the first pilot collection of bags

Are you fed up with the UNsustainable buying at Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Why not support our company working towards a Sustainable Fashion Industry!

MycoTEX develops custom-made clothes made from compostable mushroom roots without waste. We grow mycelium and apply it onto 3D moulds and after drying the garment is ready. After wearing it can be naturally decomposed. Seamless garments that perfectly fit ANY body, shape & style, meaning less returns and longer use of the product. Our holistic approach is shortening the production chain by cleverly combining elements from different industries. There is a reduction of resources during the production phase (no chemicals or pesticides & save 99% on water) and a reduction of waste during the whole cycle (why waste resources on waste?). No animals are harmed and farmland can be used for food instead of textile. Unlike others we are working on improving the WHOLE supply chain. More information can be found here.

In 2021 we would like to develop a Pilot Collection to test our Shorter and Sustainable Fashion production chain on a small scale. If you like MycoTEX and would like to help, we are looking for funding to take this next step. With €5 or more you can help us getting closer towards our goal of € 100.000. For this money we will be able to test growing MycoTEX material in larger amounts and to set up a small scale production line to make the first series of bags. When this works we will be able to scale-up even more.

We all wear garments and are part of the problem, become part of our solution!

Donate € -

Donate € -

Let’s use the power of the mass to change the fashion industry, please share!

With every donation we get closer to our mission of empowering people through personalized fashion.
Next to that our goal is to create the most sustainable supply chain of the Fashion Industry.