Billion Dollar Collection campaign

MycoTEX is incredibly proud and excited to be part of the Billion Dollar Collection campaign, which was launched today by the H&M Foundation. In collaboration with Accenture and Mackevision they created a virtual fashion collection that visualizes how the 10 previous winners of the Global Change Award – the most prestigious and impactful award for sustainable fashion innovation that we won in 2018 – could positively disrupt the fashion industry if they would only receive the support they need.

For us it is also the first time that we publicly present our entirely new manufacturing technology that we could develop after winning this prize. Instead of creating round patches of mycelium in Petri dishes and growing those together, we are now able to create full seamless custom products in one go – from garments to fashion accessories, footwear and many other kinds of soft goods – using a completely automated system and a home compostable material that could replace both leather and plastic.

Because of this we are now offering a complete solution to optimize the entire fashion supply chain, reducing it to only a few steps and applying a mycelium-based material that is lab-grown and does not require any farmland at all.

The innovations featured in the Billion Dollar Collection are showcased as virtual garments, where each innovation features a price tag reflecting the estimated support each start-up believes they need to achieve scale for their disruptive innovations until 2030. In our case that is only 3 million dollars… yes you heard that right… that is all it would take to make the fashion supply chain local, custom and fully circular!

Send us a message for more info, or check the Billion Dollar Collection website.