MycoTEX® is a ground breaking seamless manufacturing method allowing for custom-made clothes made from compostable mushroom roots

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Fashion brands struggle to keep up with the growing consumer demand for sustainability. Consumers are becoming more critical about what they wear. They want clothes that fit them perfectly, are made out of natural materials, and are manufactured using methods that are clean, transparent, and produce zero waste. A difficult task for brands, especially considering they need to deal with a complex, 200-year-old supply chain.

MycoTEX offers an award winning, all-in-one solution for brands. We use a seamless production technology to create custom-fit products out of sustainable, vegan textiles made from mycelium (mushroom roots). This ground breaking manufacturing method solves several major issues in the fashion, interior and automotive industry:
– Reduces the cost, waste, and labour-intensity of cut & sew operations
– Replaces plastics and leathers with compostable materials
– Improves the comfort and fit of fashion products

Our “made by MycoTEX®” signature production method makes products instantly recognizable. It makes it easier for brands to create innovative, custom-fit products that let consumers live a sustainable lifestyle while following the latest trends.

We are looking for brands who want to work with our revolutionary production process

We are looking for launching customers, who want to work with our revolutionary production process that allows for creating seamless products made of bio materials. These brands look beyond sustainable materials and want sustainable production as well in order to become truly sustainable. We offer selected brands the unique opportunity to be the first to work with this new technology and create the designs for the future.
Please reach out to us to discuss this great opportunity!

In 2021 we will be launching our improved, sustainable and flexible material officially.


MycoTEX is supported by:
Stichting DOEN, Global Ghange Awards (H&M Foundation), Fashion For Good, WEARsustain, Utrecht University, KET4CP, NWO, STW, KIEM and Biobase4SME