Many of us want to enjoy fashion and trends, have great fitting clothes that are made of natural materials, with a clean, transparent production method and without waste. It is very hard for brands to keep up with ALL these demands. One of the main reasons is that it is very difficult to change a complex and integrated supply chain that has been developed over the past 200 years.

MycoTEX offers an all-in-one solution for brands

We develop sustainable vegan textiles made from mycelium (mushroom roots) and combine those with our seamless production technology to create custom-fit garments, allowing brands to set the latest trends whilst offering truly sustainable products. This ground breaking manufacturing method solves several major issues in the fashion, interior and automotive industry:
– No more cut & sew operations that are wasteful and laborious
– Plastics and leather can be replaced with a home compostable material
– Improved comfort due to our seamless construction and custom fit products

Through our signature seamless production technology our products will be instantly recognizable as “made by MycoTEX®”. This allows brands to create innovative and custom-fit products, making it easier for their consumers to adapt and showcase a sustainable lifestyle whilst still being able to wear the latest trends.

We are now looking for brands who are interested in developing a pilot collection of bags

These brands should be interested in working with sustainable materials AND see the excitement of creating products based on our seamless production technique. We offer selected brands the unique opportunity to be the first to work with this new technology and create the designs for the future. Please reach out to us to discuss this great opportunity!

In 2021 we will be launching our improved, sustainable and flexible material officially.


MycoTEX is supported by:
Global Ghange Awards (H&M Foundation), Fashion For Good, WEARsustain, Utrecht University, KET4CP, NWO, STW, KIEM and Biobase4SME