Interdisciplinary collaborations with partners and clients

NEFFA is looking into changing material and production techniques, instead of changing human behaviour. By looking at nature’s own consumptive behaviour NEFFA finds solutions for the problems we’re currently facing. These solutions are on the crossover of textile, technology and microbiology. NEFFA also researches ancient materials, dyeing and production techniques to combine those with current technologies. NEFFA is re-thinking the Future of Fashion by developing personalised fashion and textile projects based on newly developed material and production techniques.

Founder Aniela Hoitink has an extensive experience in designing fashion collections and products with a certain target consumer and/or brand feeling in mind. With her severe background in commercial fashion (15+ years, working for brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Gaastra, etc.) Aniela has a perfect understanding of the needs of the consumer of the different fashion brands. She has 10 years of experience in fashion innovation and collaboration with other industries. And she can define the best products for the (bio) material or technology through consultation, (material) research & development and prototyping, in her studio as well as on location. Aniela has set-up different departments for (fashion) brands, (co-)founded several companies and lead many projects. Feel free to contact her if you would like to know what Aniela Hoitink can do for you. Or stay tuned with quarterly updates by subscribing to our newsletter.

Aniela Hoitink is re-thinking the way we use and produce fashion and textiles through:
Bio-material | mycelium, bacteria, algae, crystals, bio-plastic
Technology | solar energy, biometric sensors, heating, light etc.
Dyeing | natural dyeing, bacterial dyeing, smart coatings and inks.
Fabrication | growing (in pattern), 3D modelling, digital fabrication.
Biomimicry | taking inspiration and learn from nature
Aniela Hoitink has experience with different levels of personalisation:
Custom-fit to the wearer (3D)
Co-created with the wearer (custom-made)
Changeable by the wearer
Adapting to the wearer
Adapting to the surrounding