Fashion & textile innovation, but just that bit different: that is what NEFFA is all about.

We live in a world of Fast Fashion and Disposable clothing and most people think that is a disaster. The industry is now working on recycling and circular fashion. And with this they are trying to change the behaviour of 7 billion people. But our consumptive world started already centuries ago (Trentman 2016). Trade expanding in the 16th century and the industrial revolution in the 19th century for example have accelerated this. Changing our deep-rooted behaviour is an enormous task.

Aniela Hoitink thinks Fast Fashion and Disposable clothing represents an incredible opportunity. We have an entire generation of people who now expect to own a garment for a year, maybe two, before disposing of it and buying something new. With the right type of materials (cradle-to-cradle) they can be custom-designed to meet that life cycle. We need solutions that respond to the reality that we live in and that start at the root.

We also live in a digital area. Our software needs updating, and our hardware has to be replaced every year or two to meet these demands. Think about it… How long do you keep your mobile phone before it slows down? This problem will become more evident for the fashion industry when wearable technology will become mainstream and we merge electronics with even more with textiles.

Aniela Hoitink is looking into changing material and production techniques, instead of changing human behaviour. She believes this is easier than changing our consumption behaviour, as this behaviour is older than our production techniques. Her solutions are on the crossover with technology and microbiology industries. She is re-thinking the Future of Fashion and develops personalised fashion and textile products based on newly developed material and production techniques. She also researches old materials, dyeing and production techniques to combine those with current technologies. Her aim is to develop future concepts for the ultimate sustainable wearable fashion based on personalisation and to create the Fashion Company of the future.

Feel free to contact Aniela Hoitink if you would like to know what she can do for you.