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NEFFA = Fashion Innovation. NEFFA means “net effe anders” in Dutch, wanting to do things just that bit differently. We believe that distinctiveness, individuality and diversity in people and planet are the elements that make the world a better place.

We are researching changing material and production techniques, instead of changing human behaviour. We believe this is easier than changing our consumption behaviour, as this behaviour is older than our production techniques (Trentman 2016). Our solutions are on the crossover with textile, technology and microbiology. We also research old materials, dyeing and production techniques to combine those with current technologies. It is our goal to create the ultimate personalised garment for mass production.

NEFFA helps companies, research institutes and universities with the integration of their (bio) technology into textile prototypes and designs to make them more appealing for a specific target group or a wider audience. Personalisation is also important here, both in prototyping and concept development as well as in the cooperation itself. Founder Aniela Hoitink has an extensive background in the commercial fashion industry (15+ years; Tommy Hilfiger, Gaastra, a.o.), which helps in translating (bio) technology into the market. She has set-up different departments for (fashion) brands, (co-)founded several companies and lead many projects. Hoitink is available for brainstorming, consultation, research, (material) development and prototyping. She also initiates projects and gives inspiring presentations to a very diverse range of audiences from fashion to creative industries and science. Currently Aniela is working on MycoTEX: custom-made clothes made from compostable mushroom roots.

Our work is featured on radio and TV programs (BBC, Groen Licht, etc.), websites (Discovery, Dezeen, Huffington Post, etc.) and printed publications (National Geographic, New scientist, Vogue, etc.). We have received various grants, honours and awards with the highlight winning the Global Change Award in 2018. Moreover, Hoitink is considered to be one of the 100 most innovative women in the world and has been named one of the Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Pioneers of 2020.

Feel free to contact Aniela Hoitink if you would like to know what NEFFA can do for you.