Interdisciplinary collaborations with partners and clients

Textile innovation, but just that bit different, is what NEFFA is all about. Through our multi- and interdisciplinary way of working, by altering or adding properties to textile and studying the different aspects (colour change, growth, nurture, etc.) of the skin we are researching how textile and clothes will act in the future.
NEFFA helps companies, research institutes and universities with the integration of their (bio) technology into textile prototypes and designs to make them more appealing for a specific target group or a wider audience. Personalisation is also important here, both in prototyping and concept development as well as in the cooperation itself. Aniela Hoitink has an extensive background in the commercial fashion industry (15+ years; Tommy Hilfiger, Gaastra), which helps in translating (bio) technology into the market. She is available for brainstorming, consultation, research, (material) development and prototyping.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to know what Neffa can do for you.