Textile innovation, but just that bit different: that is what Neffa is all about.

Through her multi- and interdisciplinary way of working and by altering or adding properties to textile, Aniela is investigating how we can and will use textiles in the future and what the related implications will be. Aniela is inspired by biomimicry and uses both technology and microbiology in her work. Personalization is always playing an important role. She looks at textile as an extension of the skin, driven by the exploration of their multifunctional layers. And she is on a quest for improving or changing the properties of traditional textile materials and giving them distinctiveness.

Neffa takes a proactive approach and often takes on commissions as well. Customers are businesses seeking an application for their materials or technologies. Neffa might not invent the technology, but it conceives the way in which it can be used, and develops future possibilities for textiles. Aniela has an extensive background in the commercial fashion industry (15+ years; Tommy Hilfiger, Gaastra), which helps in translating technology into the market. She is also available for brainstorming and consultation and gives inspiring presentations to a very diverse range of audiences from fashion to creative industries and science.
Partners / Clients: Universiteit Utrecht, IMEC, Jora Entertainment, Sioen, uHasselt, Elasta, Solliance and others.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to know what Neffa can do for you.